Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Want It Your Way, Chrysler Says You Can

At this year’s Detroit auto show, the Chrysler Group is devoting 5,500 square feet of display to show you just that.  They will have a display showcasing the new available options from the Mopar Custom Shop, factory up fitters that are now located on-site at each of the North American plants.

  The Chrysler Group is committed to showing you that you can have it your way when buying a new car or truck.  Customers will have a wide array of parts and accessories installed on their Chrysler vehicles when they are ordered.  What does this mean for the customers?  It means that they will have better warranty protection.  They will also have the ability to finance the parts they are purchasing instead of adding them after the fact.  Chrysler will also show off its Internet applications designed to help consumers customize their vehicle before ordering.

 The possibilities are virtually limitless.  You can choose items to enhance the performance and power of the engine with an assortment of deflectors, filters and intake systems.  The real fun begins when you start looking at the accessories to enhance the appearance of an already great looking car.  

The Mopar brand was first introduced in the 70's.  Mopar accessories are now available for all makes and models under the Chrysler branded vehicles including the Dodge Ram and Jeep.  Known for its famous blue “M” logo, fans around the world remain true to the heritage that Chrysler created with its signature brand of performance items.

Come by today to see all of the possibilities you can create with Mopar at Monroeville Dodge 3633 William Penn Highway Monroeville, PA or give us a call at 412-856-1700 today!