Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dodge Durango: How to Keep the Interior Clean After a Week of Hard Work

Owning a Dodge Durango is an investment, so it is crucial to treat it the right way by ensuring that both its interior and exterior are clean. Driving a clean Dodge Durango in Monroeville, Pennsylvania is not only about boosting its aesthetic appeal. It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of your Monroeville Dodge since this is also valuable in increasing its lifespan. Note that contaminants, dirt, and debris can lead to permanent damage to your vehicle if not immediately removed. This results in the breakdown of some of the vehicle's major components, peeling paint jobs, corroding metal, cracking tires, and the tearing of interior parts. The following tips are crucial in ensuring that your Dodge Durango stays as clean and as well-maintained as possible regardless of how hard it worked during the week:
1. Use Durable and Custom-fit Mats

These mats are extremely useful in maintaining the cleanliness and look of your interior floorboards. Make sure to choose mats with sturdy and reliable construction, as well as raised canals, as these features are valuable in preventing your interiors from getting messed up while you are driving and when storing items inside it. Some of the best custom-fit floorboard mats designed for the Dodge Durango is built to last while also having the ability to handle harsh outdoor weather.

2. Avoid Using Paper Towels or Dry Rags in Cleaning Plastic Lenses

This tip is crucial especially if you plan to remove the dirt out of the plastic lenses in your Dodge Durango's instrument panel gauges. Note that dry and small particles of grit and dust might scratch the surfaces. If your vehicle lenses get clouded, then consider using a plastic cleaner along with a damp and clean sponge or terry cloth rag. This can help in preventing excess moisture that can only damage the electronic instruments in your Dodge's interiors.

3. Park your Dodge Durango in a Different Direction

This is important in keeping the upholstery from deteriorating and fading. Parking in a different direction is also helpful in preventing the sun from hitting the same surface. Keeping a sunroof or window open is also essential during the dry season to prevent the buildup of heat inside the vehicle.

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