Thursday, February 7, 2013

Never Neutral

So the story goes, “when a young Lieutenant George S. Patton received a reported sighting of Julio Cardenas, One of Pancho Villa’s, the popular Mexican Revolutionary General, most trusted subordinates; he led ten soldiers and two civilian guides in three Dodge Model 30 touring cars to conduct a raid at a ranch house in San Miguelito, Sonora.  A firefight broke out, and Patton was successful tying the lifeless bodies to the hoods of the Dodges returning back to camp with a heroic reputation.”

John Dodge and his brother Horace “tired of being carried around in Henry Ford’s vest pocket” set out to develop a more superior vehicle that was currently available in the market.  Founded as the Dodge Brothers Company in 1900 to supply parts and assemblies for Detroit's growing auto industry, Dodge began making its own complete vehicles in 1915.

To this day, Dodge continues to never remain neutral in its endeavors leading the automotive industry back from its decline, providing jobs to hard working Americans and outstanding vehicles that can be seen ruling the road daily.

The Dodge Charger SXT PLUS seamlessly merges modern, aerodynamic style with nods to its 1965 storied heritage. The sculpted body flaunts scalloped doors, a dual scalloped hood, and the Charger throwback styling has amenities to make any “muscle car” enthusiast grunt with confidence as they continue to turn heads on the road.

Decade after decade Dodge has continuously received praises for its uncompromising style adding to the legend of being in total control.  Create your own history by visiting, and feel the power of “Patton” as you find your ride.